What to Eat Before You Fly to Other Parts of the World

Ever felt like throwing up once the airplane takes off when you don’t even have a history of feeling nauseous? It is possible that you’ve eaten something that makes your stomach bloat, causes all your senses to act differently or simply wreak havoc to your system. A Mexican burrito, for example, would feel heavy in the stomach and may cause you to make several trips to the bathroom.

For a comfortable flight, it is best to know what foods to eat before you fly.

Foods with low sodium

Too much of anything is bad. When you are flying, too much salt can cause jet bloat or jet belly that spells really bad news for you and the rest of the passengers. Imagine passing gas in a cabin that’s completely sealed. Not pretty at all. So make sure you munch on foods marked as low-sodium or fresh fruits and vegetables that naturally have low salt content.


To give your immune system a boost, you should eat oranges before you fly. It is your best chance to fight off germs that are crawling inside the airplane. This is also a good source of liquid that will keep you hydrated.


Just like oranges, yogurt also provides protection from possible stomach bug. The natural probiotics it contains can help regulate digestion, which is vital when you can’t help but enjoy all sorts of airplane food. Since digestion will be difficult at over 30,000 feet, you should eat yogurt beforehand.

Lean protein

Protein-rich sources that are lean and not fried will help you stay full longer. If you don’t want to eat airplane food during a long-haul flight, stock up on lean protein instead. These include beef, egg whites, canned tuna, whey protein, spinach and tofu.

You can then finish off your pre-flight meal with a smoothie made from fresh fruit and yogurt, or water with lemon.